Bible Reading - 10/16/2021
Zephaniah 1-3
Acts 24




Rev. Ulysses & Augustine Bestey
Missionaries with Baptist Church Planters, serving in Kansas City

5706 College Ave
Kansas City, MO  64130
(816) 588-5136



Tim & Rochell Brudtkuhl
Missionaries to the former East Berlin with BMM

Nerthusweg 12
13125 Berlin



Elva Craig


Elva Craig
Missionary with Campus Bible Fellowship - Iowa City (U of I)

1410 Keokuk St.
Iowa City, IA  52240

(319) 337-6830

Elva was raised in a Christian home in New Jersey. She accepted the Lord at age five and was baptized five years later. She attended Rutgers University's pre-nursing program for two years but wanted to pursue a degree beyond RN; however, God had other plans: the New York nursing school at which she planned to continue her education was full, and she ended up at Northeastern Collegiate Bible Institute (Bloomfield, NJ). After graduation she was accepted by Baptist Mid-Missions and spent four years in Alaska assisting with church-planting, Bible clubs and youth work. It was while on furlough that she visited Campus Bible Fellowship in Cedar Falls, Iowa, which would lead to her longstanding ministry to the students of the University of Iowa.

In her own words: "Campus Bible Fellowship thought I would fit in well with this kind of work, but I wanted to go back to Alaska. After being in Cedar Falls for one semester, I realized CBF wasn't what I'd thought it would be, and felt God leading me to stay. I spent six years there, including going down to Iowa City each Monday and coming back Tuesday night. In 1982, Hal & Patty Miller moved to Coralville to be the pastor of Grace Baptist Church, and Tom & Nancy Miller and I moved down to do the CBF work."

"Today, my work is mostly with International students. I have five conversational English partners, five Bible studies, and an English class on Wednesday night. We have various activities on the weekends, or I might just have students over for a meal and games." 2006-10-27



Henry & Molly John
Missionaries to India with BMM

308 NW College Ave, Apt.#1
Ankeny, IA  50023

(402) 558-1345


Their current project is NIBS (Northern Indian Baptist Seminary). 2008-07-30



Tom & Nancy Miller
Missionaries with CBF (CU)

1634 Zinnia Cir.
Lafayette, CO  80026

(720) 890-1145

Tom & Nancy were saved at a young age. After graduating from Faith Baptist Bible College, they married and undertook an internship ministry at the University of Northern Iowa. They later established a twenty-year campus ministry at the University of Iowa. In the year 2000, Flatirons Baptist Church of Boulder, Colorado, asked the Millers to help them reach American and International students at the University of Colorado.

"The University of Colorado has a phenomenal student union, where we often sit at a literature table. There we display semi-provocative questions such as, Can you harmonize the Bible and Evolution?, Are all religions the same?, and, What would Jesus say to Britney Spears? Subsequently, many students dialogue with us throughout the day. During this time we inform them of Bible studies, Friday night Fun Nights, rides to church, etc.

"What particularly makes university evangelism quintessential is the pristine opportunity to minister to students from all over the world! For example, on Friday mornings we teach English to about twenty students from various countries. Providentially, the University advertises our English class. Although it doesn't allow us to share the gospel during the class, that is fine, because we frequently invite the students into our home, where we share the gospel and set up Bible studies. On Friday nights we teach the Bible to about fifteen Chinese students, many of whom are atheists."

The couple has four daughters, three grown, and two sons-in-law. 2006-10-24



Rory & Kristy Moore
Missionaries with ABWE to Togo, West Africa



Cal & Joyce Voelker
Missionaries to Portugal with ABWE

Rua Jos矒odrigues Migueis
Lote 30 10 DTO
2620-382 Ramada

"I [Calvin] trusted Christ as my Savior as a young 18-year-old in the United States Marine Corps. I grew as a believer through a local discipleship ministry. I attended Bible college in Montana and Iowa, and then began a ministry in Christian Education at Grandview Park Baptist Church & School in Des Moines, Iowa. There I served as a teacher before going on to get a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling at Drake University, and became Grandview's school counselor. I later returned to Drake for my administration endorsements, and then served as a Jr. High and High School principal at Grandview, and finally, as the school administrator.

"Joyce grew up in a Christian home and trusted Christ as her Savior at age seven. Over the years at Grandview, she worked in the school library, helped with office work, and later worked as the church secretary. She was involved in the church deaf ministry, and we ministered together for many years as youth sponsors."

Voelkers serve at Greater Lisbon Academy, a school primarily assisting missionaries in the education of their children. They assist in church-planting in two different works. Calvin serves as groundskeeper and caretaker of the Academy facilities; Joyce is involved in various witnessing ministries, including one for the deaf. The couple has three grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren. 2006-10-21