Bible Reading - 5/13/2021
Psalms 32, 51
John 3:16-36


Special Online Service Content

Our Sunday morning services are now being held at our church building, but will also be streamed live here as video. Additionally, an audio-only recording will be available after the service on the sermons page.

May 16, 2021 — current/upcoming Sunday

May 9, 2021 — previous Sunday

It is our hope that those among our church family at higher risk will continue to worship with us remotely, until it becomes safe to resume normal interactions again.

Service Times


  • Two Great Commandments: Matthew 22:34-40
    Love God & love your neighbor. These two commandments summarize the whole of God's Law. Love God supremely. He should have first place in your life. And out of your love for God should flow love for your neighbor. As you focus on loving God & loving your neighbor, all the other commandments should fall into place.

    Our ABF/Sunday School classes are meeting at 9:30 am. Children's church is also meeting again during the sermon time. Please use your best judgment on whether or not you or your family should attend.  We will continue to live-stream the worship service at as well.
  • Scripture Memorization Challenge
    For November & December 2020 and all of 2021 we will be memorizing one Psalm per month.
    Our memorization project for May is Psalm 15 (ESV). I hope you will join us in committing God's Word to memory.

    Bible Memorization Apps
    There are a couple Bible memorization apps that can help you memorize Scripture. They will block out words for you, blur words, you can type in words and so forth to help you memorize! It is a great tool and easy to use on your phone. The two best apps are:
    Verse Locker
    Remember Me.
    These can be found in the app store on your phone. Let Ashley Day know if you need help with these apps!
  • May Scripture Memorization
    Psalm 15:1-5
    1 O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?
    2 He who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in his heart;
    3 who does not slander with his tongue and does no evil to his neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against his friend;
    4 in whose eyes a vile person is despised, but who honors those who fear the Lord; who swears to his own hurt and does not change;
    5 who does not put out his money at interest and does not take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved.
  • VBS 2021
    Our VBS outreach this year will be August 2nd-6th! This event is intended to be a church outreach to invite kids in our community to come hear the gospel and grow in the Lord! One way to grow our church is through reaching kids and then their families. Please be in prayer for this event as we prepare!
    Rik Rueter will be our special guest this year! Very excited to have him with us again!
  • Church Cleaning
    Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time to help keep our church building clean & looking nice! It is much appreciated!
    Below is the cleaning rotation. Remember, please clean the church at least twice during your month.

    May: Palermo
    June: Sebast
    July: McCool
    August: Weigert, J.
  • BRBC Prayer List
    Each week we put together a prayer list that is typed up and put in
    the bulletin. We hope this will be helpful in knowing how to pray specifically for the needs of those in our church.
    If you would like to be added to the prayer list please let Ashley Day( or Renee Palermo ( know!
    Please include how we can specifically pray for you.

    BRBC Prayer List
    Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

    "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chron. 7:14

    Prayer Requests:
    • Donna Smith: Praise that she is doing much better controlling her pain and that they were able to move to camp! Pray for their summer ministry at camp!

    • Solid Rock Christian Camp: Please pray for camp as we prepare for our 2 weeks of camp, June 21-26 & June 28th-July 3rd. Please pray God will continue to provide the funds as we offer camp for free, pray that we are able to find 2 more girl counselors, and pray for the campers' hearts to be ready to hear and apply God's Word!

    • IRBC Camp Season: Pray for camp at IRBC, that God would be glorified and that lives would be changed!

    • Maxine Heath: Pray for excellent weather & many buying customers for an upcoming sale she is having on May 22nd.

    • Rodger Burnett: Pray for God's guidance & strength as he has recently been diagnosed with a physical heart failure condition. Praise that he is enjoying his assisted living home in Amana! He is excited to have visitors to be able to have visitors again!

    • Andie Black: Pray for Andie as she mourns the loss of her husband, Al. Also pray for her as she has been dealing with some health problems.

    • William Loeffers: Healing of his eyesight and kidneys as he undergoes dialysis.

    • Pray for continual spiritual growth in our church.

    • Pray for opportunities for each of us to share the Gospel with those we come in contact with.

    • Pray that God would continue to bring people to our church who need the Gospel.

    • Pray for our Deacons: Nate Day, Gary McCool, Joseph Palermo, & Randy Witte

    • Pray for our Pastor and family.

    • Pray for the President & other elected officials that they would have wisdom & listen to godly counsel.
  • Missionary of the Month: John & Rebecca Park
    John & Rebecca Park serve with Campus Bible Fellowship on the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City. They host numerous Bible studies with both American & international students, as well English classes for the international students. CBF also holds an annual free furniture giveaway for international students.

    Prayer Requests
    • Continued healing of John's leg ulcer

    • Contact opportunities with new students

    • Safety during deputation travels
  • Book Corner: Assurance: Resting in God's Salvation by William P. Smith
    Does God truly love you? Are you really saved? You fear that sin and suffering have a stronger hold on you than God does--but God is not threatened by your fears and questions, and he is exactly the one who can show you the heart he has for you. Drawing on his pastoral and counseling experience, William Smith provides scriptural devotions, reflection questions, and practical action points to daily increase your confidence in God's love, promises, and care.
  • Hymn of the Month: Holy Holy Holy
    Reginald Heber wrote "Holy, Holy, Holy" while serving as vicar of Hodnet, Shropshire, England. He was the first to compile a hymnal ordering hymns around the church calendar. Wanting to celebrate a triune God, Heber wrote "Holy, Holy, Holy" for Trinity Sunday--a day that reaffirmed the doctrine of the Trinity and was observed eight Sundays after Easter. The hymn was first published in 1826.

    Years later, John Dykes composed the tune Nicaea especially for Heber's "Holy, Holy, Holy."

    Text and tune were first published together in 1861. Since that time, this popular hymn has appeared in hundreds of hymnals and been translated into many languages.

    Heber was impressed by the holiness of God. Whether in England, with the prevalence of vice, or in Calcutta, where people worshiped idols, he would often write "Only Thou art holy." Based on the words of Revelation 4:8, he used the symbolism of three repeatedly throughout his hymn: God is "holy, merciful and mighty," he's "perfect in power, in love and purity," he's worshiped by saints, cherubim, and seraphim, and he's praised "in earth and sky and sea."

    Through these consistent units of three, this hymn describes and worships God in three persons. Alfred Lord Tennyson felt "Holy, Holy, Holy" was the world's greatest hymn. It truly does call us to worship our God, falling down before him with those who sing in Revelation 4:8, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."