Bible Reading - 5/27/2024
Psalms 24-26
John 10:22-42

Mission Trip: Lima, Peru

The team served in various capacities, including teaching and preaching in the school chapels and classes, and in Bible Clubs, sometimes with the aid of an interpreter; giving slide presentations; distributing tracts; tutoring; deconstructing old buildings to make way for new; visiting a school for the deaf, a daycare and an orphanage; and researching.

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Pastor Scott's Installments

  • The quintet was transported from familiar soil to the new land. Months of preparation involving inoculations, expenditures, reading and training had ushered in this moment. Long lines buzzed with unfamiliar chatter as passports were checked and transition to a new culture began; the five travelers, one experienced and four rookies, tried their hand at mission work on foreign soil...  read more »



Mission Trip: Lima, Peru - May 22nd-31st

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