Bible Reading - 5/22/2015
Psalms 7-8
John 7:28-53



  • Fellowship Dinner-May 24th @ Noon
    We will be having a fellowship dinner on May 24th following the morning service/ENCORE. There will be a baked potato bar & walking tacos. Check with your ENCORE leader for details on what you are to bring. If you don't have an ENCORE group, bring a dessert (we can always use lots of those)
  • Guest Speaker-Daniel Vance
    In Pastor Troy's absence this week, we will be taking a break from our series on Romans. Daniel Vance will be joining us. ENCORE notes will be available in the church office.
  • Book of the Month -The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper
    Denying that Christ suffered & died is like denying the Holocaust. For some it is simply too horrific to affirm. Others suspect it is an elaborate religious conspiracy to coerce sympathy. Those who deny either event live in a historical dreamworld. Jesus suffered unspeakably & died. This book shows that the gore of Christ's suffering is turned to glory by the enormity & diversity of what His death achieved. To do this, John Piper uncovers 50 accomplishments of Christ's suffering. He shuns embellishment and shows from the Bible key evidence for each outcome of Christ's death. When it is all said & done, the most crucial question is: Why? Why did Christ suffer and die? The answer has everything to do with you.
  • New Highlights Writer
    Please send announcements to be included in Highlights to Renee Palermo (
  • Baby Shower for Lia Willms - June 7th
    All the ladies are invited to Lia Willms baby shower on June 7 at 2pm in the gym. Please check your MAILBOX this Sunday for more information! This shower is hosted by the College and Career class.
  • Solid Rock Christian Camp
    HELP NEEDED!! We have a list of projects that we need to finish in order to have camp in July! Preferably we could have some volunteers to head up each project. We will be having work days every Saturday as well as a night or two during the week until camp starts. Here is the list of projects: 1. Install front doors on Multi-Purpose building. 2. Building wrap around deck and ramp. 3. Clean, Organize, and Sort pole building. 4. Plumbing for kitchenette. 5. Shelf in chapel for Bibles 6. Fix toilets in multi-purpose building. – Have a couple cracked tanks and some leaks 7. Lights in basement of multi-purpose building 8. Clean basement in multi-purpose building 9. Finish stairwell. Needs re-insulated and walls done 10. Finish closet. Need floor and shelves above stairs and scuttle hole for attic installed 11. Brush removal around buildings Contact Nate Day if you would be willing to help with one of these projects!
  • Plan Now for VBS!
    VBS Kingdom Chronicles! We are planning a VBS for August 3-7!! VBS will be held in the evenings starting at 6pm. This is a great outreach for our church. Be thinking of any children you would like to invite! This year we have a medieval theme and will be studying the Armor of God from Ephesians 6. If you have any decor or ideas for this theme, we would love to hear them! We are also looking for volunteers to help with VBS. This is a great way to use your talents and abilities for the Lord. What a great opportunity to impact eternity by teaching young people about the truth of Scripture! Will you be in prayer about how you could help? Here is a list of volunteers that we will need: 1. Teachers: -Toddlers -Pre-Primary -Primary -Juniors 2. Game Coordinator 3. Nursery Worker 4. Craft Coordinator 5. Snacks Coordinator 6. Help with music 7. Help with skits 8. Promotional help, including handing out fliers 9. Prayer Warriors! If you like to help in any way, please contact Ashley Day via phone/text/email. 319-931-0587/