Bible Reading - 4/25/2015
1 Samuel 7-9
Luke 18:24-43



  • Scripture Preparation for Sunday's Message
    Read Romans 5:1-21 this week in preparation for Sunday's message.
  • Romans 5:1-21 Adam Replaced by Jesus
    Join us this week as we look at the entire Chapter 5 of Romans. ENCORE will be working in Chapter 5b.
  • Camp Part-Time Staff Deadline May 1st
    If you are interested in working at camp this summer the deadline for applications is May 1st. See the Camp Bulletin Board for applications.
  • Father-Son Retreat Deadline May 8th
    The deadline for Father-Son Retreat registrations is May 8th. The retreat is May 15-16. Brochures are available on the camp bulletin board
  • Youth Camp Deadline May 10th
    If you are planning to attend camp this summer registrations are due May 10th and should be given to Randy Witte along with the $25 registration fee. Brochures are available on the camp bulletin board.
  • Volunteer Work Week May 18-22nd
    Plan now to give some time to volunteer at camp during this week. Rooms and meals are provided and there are jobs for everyone. See Gary McCool if you are interested.